5 Minute Bracelet

My DIY wedding bracelet:

Beading basics are as straightforward as anyone can imagine. You put some beads through a string, crimp or knot at desired locations to keep beads in places, usually add some kind of closure to make it usable and viola.

Instructions for DIY Bracelet

1. Fresh Water Pearl Beads 6-8mm - $8 / strand
2. Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone Beads - $4 / 18 pcs
3. Beading Cord - $3 / spool
4. Toggle Clasp - $3
5. Crimp Beads - $ 3 /50 pcs
6. Basic Beading Pliers - $7 ea

1. Cut 8" beading cord (adjust length as desired)
2. Crimp one end attaching one part of the toggle.
3. Use the other end of the beading cord to string through your desired bead pattern and length. The above is simply (pearl, pearl, crystal, pearl, pearl, crystal...)
4. Tighten and crimp the other toggle part.
5. Trim excess beading cords from both ends.

*Rough estimate of what a beginner will need and use to make bracelet similar to the one above. Price of components vary with quality and design (i.e. a sterling silver toggle set can be $15 each while a pewter toggle set can be $2). Beading materials can be easily found online, at local craft stores, or even big chain stores with craft departments such as Wal-Mart. Items are usually purchased at some minimum quantities (as estimated above) so this amount listed can actually make a few to several pieces.
** Practice makes perfect. If you're a first time beader and the first time or two the project doesn't come out exactly the way you want, cut it up and redo. The only thing wasted is the bit of beading cord and a couple crimp beads!

There are also plenty of instructional videos out there if you want to get fancy.

Here's the rest of the DIY jewelry I made to wear with my wedding dress:


  1. dang, i want some earrings like that to match my dress...those are fly

  2. I love the back necklace (do they have an official name? hmm) I'm thinking of making one too. So pretty!