We attended 6 weddings in 2007, here are the things I remember most from each of them...

Wedding #1: homemade biscotti favors
Wedding #2: dang it was in the middle of nowhere
Wedding #3: gorgeous venue, yummy food
Wedding #4: how happy the bride looked
Wedding #5: the horrible DJ, and the most inconsiderate accommodation arrangement
Wedding #6: the bride's words 'oh sh*t!' carried far in the silence that preceded her walk down the aisle, which triggered a wave of laughter among the guests

In 5~10 years, probably the only thing I can readily recall is that wedding#5 had the most inconsiderate accommodation arrangement.

Note to self:
1. Make sure we enjoy each element of our wedding including the planning & making of, because it's basically meaningless to everyone else in the long haul.
2. Do not force guests to pay for an overpriced crappy room that they cannot stay in for 2 consecutive nights. If they have to stay in 2 different rooms for just 2 nights and have to lug their bags around from 11 to 3, they will fa sho' remember your @$$.

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  1. Indeed!! Also, if you spend a fortune, people will remember that, and talk about it behind your back. Downside no one talks about.

    Of course, I'm pretty sure everyone will talk about your wedding behind your back anyway, so I figure we should give them something fun to gossip about ;)