RSVP Tracking

I got a black light pen so MOH-Ho can track her RSVPs, in case any of them comes in illegible, damaged in the mail (it is a postcard, afterall), or my favorite - blank. I actually tracked my own by marking them with an inkless pen, but this is definitely safer and easier. I found this pen for barely over a buck (shipping included!), so I thought I'd show you the results and share the deal:

You really can't tell the markings at all under normal lighting:

I bought the pen HERE, and shipping took like 3 weeks (I was in no hurry so it didn't matter). Packaging was crappy (definitely don't send it directly as a gift), but the pen itself works perfectly. $1.33 for a good little spy pen to arrive right in my mailbox, really can't be beat.


MOH-Ho's Thank You Cards (Downloadable Template Included)

Matching the invite suite I designed for MOH-Ho, here are her thank you cards:

I included both the cover and the inside of this card for download (print one on the front and the other on the back of the same piece of paper). It was a pain to get it to line up correctly, and I don't have any tips to give on that one. If it's giving you too much trouble though, the cover alone still makes a nice card. The file contains these:

You can't see it from the pics here but I put in faint lines to help guide the cuts. Cutting the circle from the cover only works if you print both sides, but it is optional either way. I highly recommend scoring the card at the fold.


  • Find details on the paper and envelope on the post for the invite suite
  • Actual colors vary depending on your printer (also, if you print it on the gold paper like I did, the colors come out darker than they appear on white paper)



MOH-Ho's Invite Suite (DownloadableTemplate Included)

EDIT: Apologies to those who were asking about this post, I had to take it offline for awhile and completely redo the photos. I know it took me a long time and the photos aren't as good as before, but everything is harder to do since I'm far from home, sorry about that.

Here are the invites I designed for MOH-Ho's wedding. I worked really hard on making these efficient (the set is printed on a single sheet of 8.5x11 cardstock). While I thoroughly enjoy receiving a pretty invite, I also feel terrible when I throw out fancy sets that include so much material. So I was thrilled that MOH-Ho and her parents appreciated the compactness as I did!

Here's the whole suite:

Instead of an inner envelope, I added matching circles with first names of guests to top the suite that is tied together by a cotton string:
A closer look at the directions/website card and the RSVP postcard:
Back of envelope and back of postcard:
The texture and color of the paper added the perfect touch :)
Cost Breakdown for 100 invites:

Purple Metallic Envelopes (100): $24
Gold Linen Metallic Cardstock (100): $28
String from craft store: $2
Tax & Shipping: $8
Home printing cost not included since I have no way to estimate and would vary depending on your printer

Cost per invite suite: $0.62

Below is the template set for this invite suite free for you to download:



1. Download both templates
2. Personalize text (change wording, color, font, sizes to suit your needs) in the word document
3. Print both templates on the same piece of test sheet (be sure to recycle scratch paper if you have some around!)
4. Modify text format and move text boxes as appropriate, then repeat step 3&4 on new test sheet until satisfactory
5. Print on paper of your choice, see my recommendations in post
6. Cut and assemble

  • Included are 3 cards, label, 2 name tags
  • 3 cards are identically sized, fits in a 4 bar ( 3 5/8"x 5 1/8") envelope
  • Postcard is slightly smaller than USPS standard (our local post office says they can still be mailed, just with a little more postage)
  • Sample pic shown with Birch Std font
  • Actual colors vary depending on your printer




I've spent endless hours on writing DIY posts that includes everything from detailed instructions to downloadable templates (I know I'm slacking as of late, y'all, but I've got a good excuse!). Honestly though, even with plenty of your kind and wonderful feedback on my quirky creations, I often wonder if they are ever put to use.

Enter reader Almost Wea who just made my friggin' week. Check out her fabulous version of the centerpieces I designed for MOH-Ho! Woot! Thanks girl, you don't know how much this means to crafter who is sent 100 miles away from her tools for a whole summer!

*Photo by Almost Wea