When I had the luxury of blogging regularly, I thought it was silly for authors to apologize for their absence when they go missing for awhile. I think I understand how they feel now.

I'm going through a big transition at work, which is also impacting my personal life in a huge way (moving away alone). I meant to blog from the hotel, but I've just been too drained.

I have quite a few DIY projects half started back home. It's hard to work on them when all my tools are 2 hours away. I've been working on getting that invitation template up since I keep getting requests for it. I want to make it easy to use, and my dear brother is helping me develop a method. I don't know if we can get it to work, but we're trying.

I'm also really tired of looking at my own wedding pics, but I had promised myself that I would finish the recap, and I am not one to break promises.

In short, I'll be back. I just need things to settle down a bit. I miss you guys.

Image is one of the views from my new 'office' (da 'office' stretches approximately 6 miles).


  1. We'll miss you (I particularly can't wait to hear more about your travel), but I know how helpful it can be to step away from the blog in busy times. You want it to remain a joy, not a weight around your neck.... We'll be here for you whenever you decide to return!

  2. Wait, moved away from the hubs?? Is this temporary I hope?!