The Tea Party: Chocolatey Goodness

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Da Hubs thinks it's funny that Chinese people eat fruit as dessert, but it'd be noooo funny business if I ever left my family hanging at the end of the meal without it. Since fruit was a must have anyway, we upgraded to a chocolate fountain. 8 dipping items included 5 different fruits plus pretzels, marshmallows, and rice krispy treats. Nommm.

There was a line for the fountain the whole time, and the location made it so the line was on part of the big dance floor. This way, folks in line were not kept away from anything that was going on, and most of them boogied while in line.

We got tons of thumbs up from our guests, but what we didn't get was any dippers for ourselves! Neither da hubs nor I ever made it to the chocolate fountain that night (and while my face had its share I actually didn't get to eat any cake either), but it was worthwhile just seeing everyone enjoy it so much.

And I wish you could see these kids when they reminisce over that tower of flowing chocolate!

The third and the last images by my friend Rob, the rest by Travis Hoenhe

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