The Tea Party: Our Sneaky Little Private Dinner

Cocktail hour began for the guests while we were away taking pictures:
Drinks were flowing (from their orignal containers, even though we had specified multiple times for all drinks to be poured):

Guests checked out details like the marriage celebration tree...

looked for their escort teabags... and were suppose to be 'awww'-ing at our baby pics on the slideshow going on but turns out it was still too bright for the projection to be visible! (Exhibit A: blank projector screen and people ignoring it) Eventually the guests moved from the shaded cocktail area to get ready for dining in the sunset.

Our last portrait spot left us inside the bridal loft, where we stayed for dinner.

That's right, we dined by ourselves. We planned this for several reasons:

  • We really wanted time alone to take it all in
  • We knew we'd need a break from the madness by then
  • We vowed to pay for that boofay AND get our grub on! (none of our friends got to eat their own wedding meals)
  • Logistically this worked out best for our placement and event timing (and timing was key because we had a full evening schedule!)

I have never heard of anyone else having dinner out of guests' sight at their wedding, but it worked out marvelously for us. The guests' comfort and enjoyment had been priority in almost all our wedding decisions, and we felt we deserved this little break. The breather and the food regenerated us so we could fully enjoy the rest of the night.

Before guests were finished with dinner, we joined the reception with our grand entrance to the chorus of We are the Champions by Queen. It couldn't have felt more appropriate at that moment. Of the world, baby, of the world! We over dramatically lip-synced the whole thing.

What can I say? We are dorks.

The story will continue with the most unforgettablesuperawesomest first dance like how real dorks do. I'll give you a hint: Ba! Ba! BAAA!! (that's right, get your iPhone zippos ready ...)

All photos by BroGT & guests except for the last one, which is by Travis Hoehne.

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