The Tea Party (Prelude): Got beaten up, got to work, and got ready

MOH and I left the after rehearsal party early for our appointments at Massage Envy. She has recommended it for awhile and I thought it would help me get a good night sleep before the wedding. It was my very first time getting a professional massage (I have a slight phobia of being touched by strangers), and I'm sad to say it probably was my last. MOH enjoyed hers thoroughly as usual, but I never got myself to really relax at any point during the massage. Rather, it left me more tense and feeling like I got beaten the crap out of. That feeling lasted all night (resulting in sleeplessness) and into the entire morning.

But as usual, the mister came to my rescue. He was staying at the hotel that night, but went out to pick up my favorite breakfast pastry items in the morning and dragged his brother along (to not risk seeing me) to drop them off. No one quite fully comprehend how the way to my heart is through my stomach quite like he does.

MOH approves (of breakfast, not of photo of her just waking up and still in jammies):
My yummy cheese pastry & chocolate croissant:
After breakfast I got right to work prepping flowers:
Before finishing the flowers it was time to head to the salon for the hair and makeup appointment:
Then back to the house to finish up the floral arrangements. My college buddies also came over to 'help me out':
Actually soon after this picture was taken the boys' SOs made them put the game away and help me process the flowers. But I love that I will forever have this picture to hold over their heads.

*Images of me at the salon taken by my friend Rob (gamer in white shirt)

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