Helloooo day-when-i-am-too-old-to-still-be-sporting-my-college-sweatshirt! Finally we meet, and I'm dressed for the occasion. Shall we dance?

Image by Shelby Nycole


  1. my partner and I have a deal, my giant-fuzzy-college hoodie is not to be worn with PJ pants, and if it is, I have to a) cook him something I normally wouldn't (i.e. something I'm probablly allergic to or icked out by) or b) some sort of naughty favor has to be given to him. So far, I've made him a chocolate pecan pie and rum raisin ice cream... among other favors. I kinda wish my hoody didn't come with rules.

  2. I would pay good money to have legs like that.

  3. Never. too. old.

    I cleaned out my closet and now I have been *only* wearing H-town's t-shirts. Go figure.