The Tea Party: Tea with a side of discipline and faux boobs


We scheduled the Chinese tea ceremony at the venue in the afternoon, prior to guest arrival. I was yapping away with the fam when the mister saw me for the first time that day. It took me awhile before I realized it was a significant moment, as he was grinning at me like this:

Seeing him happy always makes me happy, plus I was really glad I was no longer the ONLY person everyone stared at.
Generally, a special tea set is used for the tea ceremony. Fortunately our centerpieces consisted of tea sets so we didn't have to buy another, and those given tea didn't have to share the same teacups (gross otherwise, right? but that's how it's usually done).

Right before the ceremony started my parents scolded me in front of evvverybody for not having prepared a tray for serving the tea. Someone, I think my brother, rounded up the extra red charger from the escort card set up and saved my life. And hey, it even looks pretty good in the pictures!

Side note: DUDE! Check out my boobs! It is more noticable in some pictures (like this one below) than others (3 pics above) that I was wearing TWO padded bras in an attempt to fill out that tailored-not-so-fit qipao I ordered online.

Normally the groom's parents would be given tea first but since I knew they were nervous about the participation in the ceremony, I requested for them to go last. I had explained to them the simple steps, and even shown them a YouTube video of it. I'm not sure if it helped though because there was still plenty of whispering like "Do I say something now?" "Do I give you the envelope now?" They were trying so hard not to 'mess it up'... it was cute, and pretty funny.
After the tea ceremony we took some required family portraits that I won't bore you with. Next, I will illustrate how not to scare off the hubs' side of the wedding party...

* Images by Travis Hoehne

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