Da Pool Party Results

The super casual pool side rehearsal after party we planned turned out wonderfully. The weather was fabulous, and people kept saying how they were so glad we did this instead of a sit down dinner. We entertained about 50 guests, and the gazebo area we rented was secluded to give our party privacy and plenty of room to hang out and mingle...

yet it was still only steps from the pools for the guests' enjoyment as the sun sets in the background!
We were pleasantly surprised to find that the venue not only feature live music on Friday nights...
but also had drinks specials galore that totally made up for forbidding us to bring in alcohol. Helllloooooooo dollar beers!

We provided 4 times the food than necessary because we live in fear of hungry guests (don't worry, left overs went to good homes);

brought games for entertainment (people looove that cornhole);

stopped and posed for the upcoming Top Gun remake poster (pictured: best man and mr.GT);and just did a whole lot of hanging out! (pictured: MOH, me, and my daddy)
We are so glad we took an alternate route over the tradition rehearsal dinner. Being able to include everyone, chilling outdoor and poolside, giving everyone the freedom to come and go whenever they wanted and to eat/chat/play as they pleased - was the perfect prelude to our celebration to come.

This day also set a new record for highest number of times it was pointed out that I look exactly like my dad.


  1. I could seriously do with jumping in that pool right now.


  2. I am loving the vibe of this rehearsal dinner! The problem with all of these blog addictions is that there are so many ideas and directions you can go, it could drive you mad! This looks perfect! Can't wait until the full review of the big day!!!