So yesterday the hubs started asking why I have been neglecting my own blog. Long story short, I got a mini lecture on how wrong it is of me to just practically disappear from the face of the earth after sharing so much of the planning process. He said in the next post I write I must apologize for my absence and for leaving you all hanging, even if all of you means only one single person. I happen to agree, for I too have been a victim of many plan-and-run blogs without the reward of seeing the final product, after following and cheering on a bride's process. So I'm sincerely sorry if I have left anyone pondering this possibility here, and I hope you will forgive me. In my defense, the pro-pics are actually still not in my hands (yes I realize it has been almost 2 months), but they are supposedly on their way.

I never intended for this to be a wedding only blog, but wedding planning surely can take over one's life! It seems that most who visit me here shared that agenda, and I wonder where I should be going from here. I have no destination, but somehow, I feel a bit lost.

I think I'll just see where my mind and fingers take me, and I hope some of you will still keep me company once my wedding chapter comes to a close.

Image by John Brainard


  1. Yay, hubs -- how sweet of him to think of us. And I'll be here to keep you company for sure, dear ... bring it on!

  2. Hey, second comment so you must have at least two readers! :p

    I like you and your bloggy ways wedding or not.

  3. THREE readers - and you're kinda freaking me out about this whole two months no pictures thing....

  4. That makes me feel better. I haven't seen my pics yet either :O