Kick @$$ Newspaper Banner

I suppose it's a blessing that I saw this tutorial after the wedding, because otherwise I'd have had another project on my plate. Me LOVES reusing materials in DIY projects! A few banners like this one (in your wedding colors?) hung between trees would be especially pretty, no lettering necessary! The semi-transparency of the paint showing the newspaper adds just the right amount of quirk for me.

I can totally picture this painted in a glittered ivory, alternating with a matte eggplant color, hung on a black satin accent ribbon. Yup, it's settled. Those are my newest fantasy wedding colors.*

Image and tutorial from maya*made, found via zakka life

* Fantasizing about wedding colors is a common symptom of PTWS even in the mildest cases


  1. I always love the idea of using newspaper for creative stuff, like wrapping presents (with loads of silver ribbon and bows) but the trouble is, there's always too much bad news on it!

  2. Love this one! I found so many banners on Etsy that I loved and wanted to use for our wedding... I just never got my act together on that one.

    I do think I'd love one hanging in the living room though-- this one is fab.