Practical is My Middle Name

Creative has been my nickname once or twice.
Thrifty is definitely my maiden name.
But Sane, ha! I'm sure no one in their right mind ever came close to referring to me as such.

In any event, you can find my guest post over at Meg's today.

I hope you don't mind that the first sneak peek of wedding pro-pics is shown on another site, it was simply a timing issue. Several blogs helped me a great deal with keeping the lid on my craziness in planning our wedding and they include not only that from the practical bride herself, but also lovely ladies like Nomi and Peonies who were featured in the same Wedding Graduate series (which also introduced me to a couple other fabulous brides!). So when I was asked to chip in, I couldn't refuse, and it just so happens that it's before my own recaps. But hey, just coz I love you guys, here's a special pro-pic for you:

Fun Fact: When I asked the hubs for his piece of advice to share on the guest post, he first said "Don't ask anybody for help!" Then he offered "Don't tell any body anything!" I had to pry a little to get a more positive piece of advice out of him, but at least this proves I'm not alone in the madness.

*Image by Travis Hoehne


  1. So pretty! I can't wait to see more.

  2. I must say, you look fucking fabulous in that dress you hate :P