Somethin' Somethin'

The pro pics have finally arrived and I'm uncertain about where to begin. Guess I'll start you guys off on a little somethin' somethin' while I gather my thoughts!

Something Old - Classic Tiffany gold heart pendant that was a gift from FIL to MIL ages ago, which I wrapped around my bouquet...

Something New - My purdee rose gold ankle strap peeptoes that I've already re worn a couple times since the wedding (re usability, baby!)

Something Borrowed - This gorgeous veil from my dear friend who made it for her own wedding in 2005...

Something(s) Blue - Our matching Optimus Prime temporary tattoos...
So, what are your thangs?

Images by Travis Hoehne


  1. Lovely photos -- can't wait to see more!!!

  2. Yay, they're coming!

    You two are so cute with your tats ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures...love the blog too! I just found your blog tonight, so happy I did - I'm adding you to my blog roll. Best wishes, congratulations on your marriage! :)

    Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"

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  5. Oooh, photos!

    I love your something blues, genius! I had old, new and borrowed. forgot about blue though. My legs were blue because my circulation sucks. Does that count?