I love weddings with unusual elements that show off the couple's personalities and interests. They often bring in the fun and the funky that make a wedding feel personal and true. After all, the people coming to your wedding should (at least mostly) be people who enjoy and appreciate the real you, right?

I suppose there are times and places where a level of formality is necessary or expected, and to many people wedding is one of those. For that reason, I didn't get a lot of buy-ins for my over abundant non-standard-issued ideas at the beginning stages of wedding planning. I learned though, that those who love you, stick around for your crazy @$$ regardless of how ridiculous they sometimes think you are.

Case in point - despite having known my unconventional ways for 17 years, the MOH shook her head with disapproval when I told her about the ring pillow alternative I wanted:
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My response to the head shaking was probably something that made it much worse like 'Well, he has red on him! Matches the wedding! And he's OPTIMUS! He can protect our rings! He's the leader of the Autobots, and he DID save our planet you know. And look at his legs! They have flames! Flames are HAWT!'

The truth is, I've always had a bit of a crush on Optimus. One of the only toys I remember playing with growing up belongs to my brother, a (at the time seemed) gigantic Optimus Prime robot that transforms into a battle station AND a truck with trailer. And today, I still have a few Transformer toys around the house.

With the help of the recent movie, our ring bearer (the mister's nephew) is plenty familiar with Optimus Prime and loves to play with my Transformers when he comes over. Though his handsome little self can definitely make any ol' ring pillow look good, I think the smile on his face will be much brighter if he gets to hold Optimus instead. On top of that, OP's appearance will not only make some rockin' pictures, but may also make my brother (the ultimate Transformers fan) a little proud. And just as a bonus, when the little one grows up, there is no doubt that I will forever be remembered as the cool aunt with the fresh wedding hookup.

So when I was on the hunt for the perfect Optimus (he had to be nice and big, have to actually transform...etc.), who took me to the toy store? Yup, the MOH. I'd like to think that I've shown her the light about my style of personalization, but the fact probably is that she's wise beyond her years and know to 'accept what you cannot change'. With hers and my brother's help, I now have this baby sitting on top of my pile of wedding crap.

Now all that is left to figure out is HOW to get Optimus to hold the rings with some dignity. Ribbon around his neck just ain't gonna fly and I am not sewing him a mini pillow with an Autobot symbol.

Before I go, I shall also share my Somethin' Blue - Optimus Prime temporary tattoos (one for the mister and one for me. That's right, for better or for worse baby, and I ain't down with being the only one blue!), mine will probably go on my ankle.


  1. beautifulbravebrideJuly 8, 2008 at 11:18 AM

    I think it's a fabulous idea! Very creative and fun way to throw your in your own spin. Neither I nor my fiance are "transformers" people, but if Iwewere, I'd borrow your idea. Love it!

  2. You are amazing. seriously. your ring pillow idea is in one word: AWESOME.

    You are now my new favorite bride to be