The Negotiation

The mister and I attended a lovely wedding in Reno, NV this past weekend as single people for the very last time. Some of our other friends were there, and a conversation with one of the mister's friend's girlfriend (GF) went something like this:

GF: So are we having eggrolls as appetizers for your wedding?
As hors d'Oeuvres, yes.
GF: Good, I like those (with look of approval).
Us: Ehh... ok, that's great!
GF: Who are we sitting with?
Us: Not sure yet, we're still working out the seating.
GF: Do not sit me next to Bob.
Us: Umm... we're working on the seating chart.
GF: I will NOT sit next to Bob.
Us: (Speechless, halfway trying to laugh it off and looking at eachother hoping the other person has a good response. After short moment of awkward silence, we changed the subject)

Later on the evening...
GF: So, remember, don't sit me next to Bob.
Mister: She (pointing at me sitting a little ways away) says that if you cover it up (with his hands hovering his chest), we'll put Bob at a different table.
GF: Oh don't worry, I'm not wearing this to your wedding, I already have a dress for it.

As we were leaving the wedding and saying goodbye to everyone, she yells across the parking lot at the mister...
GF: SO SEND ME THE MEASUREMENTS, THE LENGTH AND THE HEIGHT! (pointing at her lower thigh and upper chest with her whole hand)
Me: (with a very confused look on my face as I turned to the mister) Huh??
Mister: Earlier when you stepped away, she asked me if she really should dress more conservatively to our wedding and I told her it's a good idea to do so if she doesn't want to sit next to Bob. Now she wants requirement specs.


So here I am wondering why I didn't employ this trick much much earlier in wedding planning. Folks, this here has potential. With a partner in crime (blaming each other for things in front of people can help avoid specific finger pointing, as long as the two of you have an understanding), you can do a lot of trade offs in place of just plain giving in! Imagine the possibilities! Let's face it, the inconsiderate requests are unavoidable, and sometimes they are as hard to turn down as they are to fulfill. So why not get something out of it? To avoid hearing her complaints later (or more likely on the day of the wedding), we'll have to add a table just to accommodate her request. But hey, that price is almost worthwhile for a minus 3 on the wedding day raunch scale.

And just because we like pictures at my camp, here are a few from this wedding I speak of! Even though the drive over the hill from CA to NV was quite smokey due to forest fires, the weather (with the exception of the wind) turned out perfect for this tented wedding on a gorgeous golf course!

The tent after dark:

Looking out from the tent is the Reno skyline (sorry my pic is crap but you get the idea)!


  1. Oh, you look adorable! Please with the medusa comments.

  2. and meg, you'll hopefully remain one of the very few who got to see it ;)

  3. Oh man, I seriously feel like some guests think the wedding is all about them. I had one friend tell me that if we had a Friday wedding (which is cheaper than a Saturday one obviously), she wouldn't be able to make it because she wouldn't have time to get ready for the wedding after work. And when she found out she was coming to our rehearsal dinner, she told me she had to get a new outfit. *I* wasn't even getting a new outfit. Oh the joys of guests.