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So yesterday I showed you our table name cards that imitate my invites and also serve as ice breakers. Today I will share a couple extra tidbits also incorporated with this detail:

  1. Keepsake for the World Record Holder - bookmark made out of our invitation
  2. The Infamous Table 9
Let's start with the keepsake: I'm told that one of the mister's aunt is the record holder for being the biggest collector of bookmarks in the world. I've tried to verify this, but came up with nothing, so I'll just have to take the in-laws' words for it. To give her something to remember our wedding by, I made this bookmark out of our wedding invitation (the snippets inside can move around, I included a quick tutorial below):

This bookmark will be slipped into the table name sleeve behind the fun facts insert for this aunt's table. That particular fun fact insert will read:

Our Wedding Fun Facts #36 & 72:

  • Each table name card contains 2 fun facts about the wedding. This one contains a bonus bookmark for the world record holder for keepsake.
  • The aforementioned bookmark is crafted out of the wedding invitation.

Even if none of your guests collect bookmarks, I think this would be a thoughful gift for any book-loving honored guest. The construction is easy, here's the simple instructions:

DIY Bookmark made out of Wedding Invitation (Note - doesn't work with all invites, adjustments would have to be made depending on your invite design):

  1. Cut 2 identical strips out of invitation in a size that would be appropriate for a bookmark, preferrably out of card stock for the stiffness. I cut mine out of the sleeve part of my invite, approximate size 2"x5". (You can also cut out strips that include invite wording to add to the look, I just prefer mine with plain backing and frame).
  2. Take one of the strips and mark a frame area, the size again can vary, just make sure you have enough area to glue and secure a pocket in the middle. I left about 1/2" on the skinny sides and 3/4" for the top and bottom.
  3. Cut out the frame with x-acto/craft knife.
  4. Cut a piece of vellum the same size as the two strips.
  5. Cut out some keywords from your invitation, such as your names, dates, location, or any special design you want to include. Just make sure they easily fit within the frame you created.
  6. Glue the frame onto the vellum strip.
  7. Lay out the keywords on top of the backing strip within the would be framed area (leave a bit of clearnace to make sure they don't get glued down as well).
  8. Put glue now on the other side of the vellum where the frame covers, leaving the vellum window. Make sure you glue the back of the ENTIRE frame so the keywords don't get slipped/tucked into spaces behind it and stay visible in the vellum window. Carefully lay it on top of the backing with the keywords in the middle.
  9. Let dry, and cut/punch hole to add ribbon as desired.

Now the second tidbit - The Infamous Table 9

So as some of you quickly noted yesterday, this is a reference to the movie The Wedding Singer. The mister and his whole family are big movie people. He also has a few particular buddies who share this similar level of interest in movies. With so many of us getting married these past couple of years, quotes from the Wedding Singer were brought up often, this below is one of the favorites:

Robbie (Adam Sandler): "You know what's funny, some of us will never find true love. Like take for instance me, and I'm pretty sure that guy right there, and that lady with the sideburns, and basically everybody at table nine." (See movie clip here)

One particular close friend of the mister's, bless his soul, tried to put us at table 9 at his wedding. Unfortunately they had only seven tables. Among the movie-loving group of friends, we’ve discussed options of how to incorporate this idea. I was able to talk the mister out of naming EVERY table number nine due to potential mass confusion, but only with the agreement early on that we would put this group of friends at table nine regardless of the table naming scheme.

Their fun fact slip will read:

Our Wedding Fun Facts #9 & 99:
  • In coordination with the wedding theme, every table except for one is named after a Chinese tea.
  • The Chinese word for the number nine is often used in association with weddings as it sounds like the Chinese word for longevity.

And here is the centerpiece the mister wanted for the 'mutants at table 9', which I also had to talk him out of:

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