The Intervention That Ended With Champagne

Lit up champagne, no less:

So with the wedding drawing closer, I've been dealing with the cumulating stress by... ehh... ignoring our wedding. I get overwhelmed thinking about the to-do list, and I just want to curl up into a ball with a security blanket and watch re-runs on TV. Being the wise one between us two, the mister foresaw the horror to come if things continued on this course. So yesterday, the mister forced me to write down everything that is in my head in regards to wedding projects, made me dump a good chunk of the responsibilities on him and brother GT, and we began crossing them off the list.

First thing we attacked was the signature drink selection. Since I don't have the energy to organize a taste tests with friends as originally planned, we just did one ourselves with the help of broGT. I really wanted to try more options suggested by readers but the mister feels keeping it simple will help us maintain our sanity, and I just couldn't argue with that.

BroGT and I are not big drinkers, so there was a ton of that magnum bottle champagne left:

The Results:

SiggyDrink#1: Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale - mostly because it's a great substitute for champagne being so light & bubbly (and there are lots of pregnant / breast feeding women among our guests)

SiggyDrink#2: Champagne with Pomegranate Juice - we tried different concentrations of mix with pom and cranberry juice, we found 2:1 mix with pom to be the most tasty.

Non SiggyDrink: Arnold Palmer - this was one of the contenders for the non-alcoholic siggy drink, but we decided to just add this to the list of soft drinks we're offering since it's our favorite.

And as noted before, siggy drinks will come with light up ice cube after dark:

Anyone else needed to be forced into delegating, scratching, or downsizing wedding projects to keep from going crazy?

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