Shoe Therapy

Dreaming about dresses proved to be a nice little break from all the wedding projects for my exploding head, which motivated me to dream a little... lower. I must admit that I'm not a shoe fanatic (I know, there's 2 of our kinds left, me and this one other chick) and I've actually never purchase shoes online. So just for fun, I did a little browsing for red shoes over at Zappos ...

mmMMmm texture...

Did I mention that I loooovvveee pleats (and shapely heels)?

Maybe not this shoe but prints can be fun:

Metal barbell thingbob (kinda)? Yup.

Plaids and bows, pretty up there with pleats for me:

That rose is so cute I wanna eat it...

I would have liked a pair of fun red shoes for the wedding, but I haven't found any I love. I don't believe in purchasing shoes for a single occasion, or spending too much. I bought a pair I adore a little while back, and realized later that they could work as wedding shoes. The rose gold color stands out a bit next to the champagne dress, they're comfy (for being so high), fun, and rewearable. It probably comes as no shock to you that I know not her name either, just that she's by BCBGirls. We shall name her, Midna (the Twilight Princess):

Do your shoes match, balance, offset, or bring contrast to your dress?


  1. I'm using these as my wedding shoes:


    I have to say - they'll look great with my dress and later with a black skirt or pants :-)

  2. oh i like the red print ones ... very cute!

    These SW are $100 off during Nordy's anniversary sale. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2975587/0~6002289~6002290~2379990~2379991?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=2379991&P=2

  3. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous...all of them, I LOVE them! Especially that last pair you chose for your wedding...so pretty. I'm on the hunt for them now...lol.