Cast Your Fears Away

I found this fantastic wedding captured by Our Labor of Love, via Meg from A Practical Wedding. Meg already did a great job wording the feelings invoked in me when I first saw the pics, so I won't repeat them, but I just can't resist sharing this with you all. This wedding has all the good stuff great weddings are made of, and then some.
Fabulous details:
an excited bride:
a dashing groom: gorgeous dresses: a fun cast:plus a suh-weet cast!
I personally look forward to all the unexpected things that will happen at our wedding. They usually make great photo ops and fun stories that stick out much more in people's minds than the food and the favors. To make that memory a fond one, I think it takes the right attittude. In my worst wedding nightmare, I picture pouring rain and a drunk creepy uncle grabbing my behind during a dance. Is it bad that I swear I will go stomping in the mud in the dress I don't care about anyway, and kick him in the nads in front of everyone, with a smile? (Don't worry, no one at our wedding will expect anything less from me)

More pics from this wedding can be found here


  1. That is totally the upside to your dress! I didn't think about it that way. Now I want a dress I don't care about so I can get it dirty. Thank you for the love. I'm glad that post made people happy. And yay for One Love.

  2. Ergh. I mean Our Labor Of Love. I get those two love photographer names confused all the time, because I love them both.

  3. omg you can't wear a dress you hate :s

  4. lol, i don't HATE it east side! i just don't care much for or about it. i really think i'll totally forget what i have on the day of :)

    girl i am on 6 week countdown, unless by some miracle i run into the perfect dress as i'm shopping at target, i am wearing that dang (expensive, to me) thing and i won't give a d*mn wth happens to it. watch me roll around on the lawn with the kids!

  5. She doesn't hate it, she just doesn't care for it.

    Okay, why am I nagging everyone this week? Maybe it's cuz we just passed the one-month mark. And I cut out sugar.

    xo to both of you