Brewing Wishes

The wish bowl concept is nothing new, and here is ours, we just used a pot instead. Teapot, to be exact:
Note cards in a teapot just didn't make much sense, so I had to make these:
These faux teabag are made with vellum - folded and glued to imitate teabags, with red metallic confetti inside, stapled to a string with a tag attached to the other end. Those tags are printed with our monogram on one side, and a blank space on the other. Below the space it reads 'Custom Blend'. Guests are to write their name in that blank space to label their own custom blend of wishes, and then write in their wishes on the vellum 'teabag' part. And yes, if anyone is wondering, they were an enormous pain in the @$$ to make.

Wish filled faux teabag are to be placed in the glass teapot for collection:
Cost Breakdown:
  • Glass Teapot - $14.39 from Cost Plus (after I used this coupon from Mrs.CB)
  • Black Metal scrolly easel for sign - $1.00 from Dollar Tree
  • Gold Pillar Candle Holders (holding flowers instead) - $1.00 ea. from Ikea (holiday mark down from $12.99)
  • Red Silk Ranunculus - $1.00 ea. from Pier 1 @ 75% off clearance, same ones from my centerpieces
  • Teapot Stand, Sushi Plate, and Soup Bowls are stuff I have lying around the house
  • Paper (for sign and tags), confetti, string, ribbon, red beans, black pens - $7 (if that)
  • TOTAL - $26.39

Oh and you may notice that the instruction sign says 'Drink Menu' on awkward white paper, that's because it's the only sign I have right now and it's just a mock up. We're still working on the wording for all the actual signs, and the mister chipped in and got me started with this:

Our Wish Bowl is here in place of a guest book.

If you would like to leave us a note, feel free to do so here.

All that you have to do is sign one of our ‘tea bags’.

Please put your name on the tag and write your message on the bag.

Don’t forget to put your message in the tea pot!

(below the instructions we'll attach an example wish tag filled out with name and wish)

I like keeping the instructions simple and clear to minimize confusion, at the same time it'd be nice to come up with something clever. I'm all out of brain juice so if anyone have suggestions, feel free to toss it my way!


  1. This is such an adorable idea! Seriously one of the most creative "guest book" ideas I've ever seen!