I Wanna Eat It!

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mmm... donut...

I am a major stress eater. While generally speaking I am neither unhealthy nor overweight, I still really despise my dependency on food for comfort. Resistance has always proven futile in the past, and makes me crash that much harder when I give up. As the wedding draws closer, my stress level rises at what seems to be an exponential rate, which also means I'm eating that much more to 'balance' myself.

I am worried about gaining weight and not fitting into my dress (I was perfect size the last time I put it on) so in addition to putting all the crap into my body, I am also drinking Slimfast in the late morning to sub for what could probably be a better meal. I know this is horrible, I know I should snack on carrot sticks instead, but at this stage in the game carrot sticks do not do the trick people!

I'm starting to feel it though, you know that icky feeling you get when you eat too much crap? My junk food drawer is emptied in no time after each refill (please say I'm not the only one with a junk food drawer in the office). I have so much more to finish before the wedding, and I can't get through any of them without chips / cookies / candy next to me. It's serious countdown time for me now, and I must get to the finish line, August is... OMG IT'S HERE!

My usual response to anything pretty that I see (like Shortcake's invites) is 'I wanna eat it!' Though most people realize it's metaphoric, I can't help but think it's perhaps also subliminal...

And dang, all this typing is making me hungry...

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  1. Don't deny yourself the junk food. That will only make it worse. But are you eating enough protein, lady? (Do I sound like a mom??) Carbs make you crave more carbs but meanwhile you might actually be starving yourself.

    I've starting having a martini (or two) with my wedding projects every night. That's ok, right?