Let's Stroll

Care to take a walk around my wedding venue with me?

Starting with the parking lot, here is how most guests will enter the areas with wedding festivities. From the parking lot, guests will enter through a pathway with arches (covered with twinkle lights and rose vines); directly in front is the lawn area under a big oak tree where people can hangout during the cocktail hour; to the first right is the dance floor and reception area; then the barn and entrance to the tasting room which will be our bar; turning to the left is another arch entrance to a seperate garden area:

Next is a 360 degree view of the reception area from the focal point (the fountain). The lawn area is where all the tables will be set up (see sample pic below video), and the area in front of the barn is the dance floor:

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Here's the view of the cocktail hour area from the tasting room door:

And here is the tasting room / bar:

We have 3 options as far as where we can exchange vows. The 3 videos below are the paths I would walk depending on our final choice.

Option#1: The first is inside the quaint Chardonnay Garden where we can marry in front of the little fountain (the barrel and the arch won't be there):

Option#2: Walking out of the barn and marry in front of the big fountain (plus a pic of a sample set up):

Option#3: From the arch walking around, to marry in front of the barn (plus a pic of a sample set up):

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So, where do you think we should declare our commitment in marriage?

  • Option #1: Intimate and shaded small garden
  • Option #2: In front of the big fountain overlooking the gorgeous grapevines
  • Option #3: Use the historic barn as backdrop

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  1. I like options #3! I think using the barn as your backdrop is pretty cool!
    The place looks amazing!!