Table Dubbing

Our table naming scheme is both the origin and the almost-terminator of our theme. I wanted to name the tables after Chinese teas because there are so many unique names (Iron Goddess, Monkey King, Jade Dew, Red Robe, Dragon Well, Buddah's Hand... neat-o, right?) but the mister was insistent on doing something that relates to us like names of places we've traveled, as he has seen at other weddings. While I love that he cares for the personal touch, I really wanted something I can build a theme upon. After much hair pulling, I finally came up with a compromise that makes us both happy. Here are our table name cards:
Each insert include 2 fun facts about the wedding, which satisfies the 'more personal' requirement, and hopefully also serve as ice breakers for guests. The table name cards will sit next to the centerpieces like this:

Oh and, if they look familiar to you, it's because they take after our invites!

To minimize opportunities for damage during transport, the sleeves can be opened up and flattened:

A simple tuck & roll will get the sleeve to prop and hold (will be further secured by tape on site): If I attended a wedding with this set up, I'm sure my nosy self would find the insert. But just to make sure they're not ignored, we'll have the DJ mention it to guests when releasing tables to the buffet lines if they look untouched.

And that is not all, there's actually more to the table names! Coming up: the keepsake insert for a special guest, and the infamous table 9 (10 points if you know what I'm talking about)!

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