Do Yourself a Favor

Since our hot August outdoor wedding makes a candy buffet difficult to execute, we decided to carry the theme over to the favor (read: ova 2 da fava). Here is a look at our Tea Boo-fay:

Aerial View:
Front View
(Note:like last time, the sign is a stand-in mock-up):Back(ish) View:

The Jasmine is in a big jar because it's our favorite
(which will be noted on the sign), and I tied a ribbon to the spoon so guests won't have to dig for it:

I love these spoons! This project gave me an excuse to buy them, and after the wedding they will be our new tea & ice cream spoons :D :

There are six different Chinese Teas, each lid is labeled (with recycled RSVP envelopes) and are attached to tins with a gold ribbon to help with its opening, closing, and to keep from misplacing:

Guests are provided small bags to fill with loose tea. Inside each bag there is a twist tie with a corresponding label (little vellum strips with name of tea and monogram stapled to twist tie) to identify the teas. The jasmine bags are laid out in front of the sign (ribbon to keep bags from flying away):and the teas in cans have their bags stacked behind the tins:
Sample final product:

The half tubes that hold the baggies behind the tea tins are the sleeves of leftover invitations after slight modification:

I'm also considering getting some small takeout boxes so it's easier for guests to collect all the (up to 6) little bags of loose tea.

Special thanks goes out to Brother GT for helping me track down the teas, and to the MOH for assembling the ties/label/bag packages.

My day off yesterday was mostly spent on this project, and I'm not even loving how it turned out (even though it's exactly how I imagined). I'm not sure if it's because the wedding date is drawing close, or if it's a side effect from my new beauty mark, but my DIY motor seems to be running outta gas...

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