Project 'Pay It Forward'

Check out the contents of the package that totally cheered up my mopey, Nelly looking @$$ yesterday:

You may be saying to yourself, 'Hey! I've seen that adorable lantern stationary before!' Well, it's because you have (and I must say, is even prettier in person)! Since it's no secret that the lovely Mrs. Tulip is the ultimate bargain bee, I inquired about where she found the parasols used in her wedding because she probably found the best deal. Knowing my colors also include red, she offered to just send me hers all the way from the other side of the country, with no strings attached!

Like this wise little flower, I also believe goods are best recycled when placed directly in the hands of those who can get the most use out of them. In this case, I am on the recipient end of her generosity. Mrs. Tulip suggested that I could make a charity donation in return, and I did that here. I read about this fantastic $10,000 Wedding In Reverse and the story gave me a huge lump in my throat.

Now I'm starting to think, a month from now when my wedding is finally over, what am I going to do with all this STUFF? Now some of you may have noticed that reusability is a big factor in what wedding 'stuff' we buy. While I plan to keep many things, and give some away to friends and family, there will for sure be some more left over. But how can I pass on the pieces from my wedding to do good, and directly in the hands of another bride for reuse as Mrs. Tulip did me?

Here's the wedding crap taking over our guest room
(and I have an OOT guest this weekend!):

One way can be - a group sale! In my vision, NorCal brides can come together on a lovely afternoon, some to donate items, and some to shop. I shall have a little GT corner specializing in tea related items, and I'll even bring an enormous pitcher of Arnold Palmer to share. All proceeds can go to an organization like Brides Against Breast Cancer. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

For those who sees the logistical nightmare this can be, I'm right there with you. *sigh* Oh who am I kidding, I was just telling Miss Pom today about how I don't even have the energy to plan the small and simple siggy drink taste test get together like I wanted (to which her gracious self offered to host it for me! [Yeah I know, all kinds of angels are looking after me]) Anyway, it's a nice dream eh?

*wakes up from dream, goes to get a new band-aid 4 da face*


  1. I think the idea of selling your extra wedding stuff after the wedding and donating proceeds to charity is a great idea! If you don't have time to organize a shindig, you still could photograph the goods, and sell stuff via the Web, so that East Coast brides like me could buy them :)

    But really, if you set up a listing with the goods, the price, and the shipping, I'm sure plenty of brides would be interested in purchasing stuff that might fit their wedding, and what's better than seeing your money go to charity while at the same time getting something?

    Just a suggestion. I totally dig the blog :)