This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine!

You know how amusement parks and fairs always have vendors selling light up stuff of all sorts after dark, from neon glow sticks to blinking yo-yos? Yeah, I was one of those kids who got to envy everyone else's glow instead of enjoying it first hand. Practicality was taught at a young age in my family, and the ROI of glowing items just don't quite make the cut with such short lived glory. While the lesson was well learned, it must have left me with a bit of a void, which I am apparently trying to fill by ordering enough glowing thingbobs to make up for my entire childhood.

Let me present to you, the glowing ice cube (in tea, of course):
(and again under less glorious lighting)

The cubes will be served with signature drinks once it gets dark. It will be great fun to be sipping on a glowing drink and resolve my childhood issues under the stars at our outdoor evening reception. We also feel it will contribute to the fun atmosphere we're trying to create. The map will tell guests to ask for a siggy drink after dark at the bar 'for an extra sparkle', as will the drink menu at the bar. The drinks are currently named: 1) Light Up My Life, and 2) Sparkle in Your Eye.

Now as for the the siggy drinks themselves, they are still TBD. The idea is to have 2, one of them non-alcoholic. There are currently 3 candidates for the non-alcoholic spot:

  1. Original Arnold Palmer (Iced Tea & Lemonade) - our regular favorite drink
  2. GT Arnold Palmer (Green Tea & Lemonade)
  3. Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale

Since our venue does not have license to serve hard alcohol, our other siggy drink can only be mixed with wine or champagne. Sangrias would be great but it's just too much work. So we're considering a spritzer of some sort, or more likely a champagne mixed with cranberry or pomegranate juice (for the red).

Anyone else suffering the restriants of the beer & wine only rule in creating signature drinks? Or have suggestions for other good and simple options before we conduct our taste test?


  1. Um, I feel IN LOVE with the beer & wine rule at our venue all the time. Then I'm not being cheap, I'm following the rules.

    That said, we're skipping the signature drink. We are pretty serious wine drinkers so we are buying all our wine directly from local wineries (affordably). We are doing a juice bar with the option of mimosas, but because 11 am, when the ceremony concludes, seems to early for anything else!

  2. You can kind of fake sangria by mixing orangina with a light red wine. Play around with variety and proportions-- i haven't done this myself but my friend swears by it! Throw in some citrus slices and there you are, one classy drink!

  3. I like cranberry juice with champagne - it's a "poinsetta" without the vodka. But it's good!!