The Tea Party: Playing House

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Before wrapping up the portrait session, da hubs suggested having our photos taken in the historic barn:

That's when I realized I married a friggin' genius.

He's looking at me...
I'm looking at him...
We're spying on them...(photo by my friend Rob)

And they're cheering for us! It didn't take long before the first guest spotted us once we poked our heads through the windows. A few started clapping and the rest caught on quickly. The clapping, cheering, whistling, Arsenio-hall arm pumping (whatcha mean you dunno Arsenio?? you 80's born youngun's are killing me!) etc. didn't stop until we disappeared from sight. It was a fun and unexpected surprise for everyone, including us. Several guests came up to us soon after to tell us how awesome that was not knowing it was completely unplanned. They quickly realized after that, the fun had only just begun...

(guest photo)

Look at me waving like a rock star just eating up my new found fans. Good thing there were no markers around, otherwise many napkins and boobies would surely have suffered the wrath of my autograph...
Ahh... it's good to be loved.

Images by Travis Hoehne except as denoted

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  1. ok, i loooove blog-hopping. so i was looking for DIY flowers and i saw a comment you left on a blog with your boquet so i had to see your blog and i love it! you looked beautiful at your wedding and you and your hubby look so cute together! can't wait to find some tips on your blog!
    ~thanks, from Japan.