DIY Recycled All Purpose Tags

After a wedding and the holidays, we find ourselves with a collection of gift cards. Gift card holders are often made of cardstock with nifty graphic effects and textures, and they always seem to carry so much recycle potential. Today, I made these out of some Starbucks gift card holders with a fuzzy textured print:
The loop one seems most practical, so I'll show you how to make that. You start with a plain ol' giftcard holder and cut out any size rectangles suitable for a tag and hasn't been written on by the gift giver:
Punch a couple holes on the tag like such, and get yourself a piece of raffia (approximately 18" long, ribbon will probably work too).
Fold raffia in half, thread the loop part through back of tag:
Do a double knot and make sure the loop part lays on top:
Thread loose raffia back through the holes they came from and tie another tight double knot in the back:
Trim ends:
Happy Crafting!

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