The Tea Party: Walk the Walk

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The brothers, guy I married and guy who married us, are quite close. Apparently they were giggling about matching up the left foot-right foot march down the aisle right before these pictures. Proof that marriage and maturity don't always go hand in hand.So when we got the pro-pics back, I was really disappointed to find no photo of the mister's reaction to my walk down the aisle (my fault for not including on the shot-list). Fortunately my MIL came to the rescue. For those of you worried about what people should be holding or whatnot when walking down that aisle, know that IT DOESN'T MATTER, even if you're hauling:
sunglasses and a digicam like a tourist climbing back in the tour bus!
She was beaming in all the pictures, and I'm sure that's all anyone noticed. It's kinda funny to see this detail, and though she could have left those items with her husband, her choice to bring her camera along got me these priceless pics:
(photo above & below by MIL GT)

He said he was happy to see me:
So before walking out, I was yapping away asking my dad how he was feeling, if he was happy... etc. I went on to tell him about how I completely forgot to bring the bracelet I made just for this outfit, and that it totally slipped my mind to paint my nails. As I showed him my boring bare hands, he goes:

"WAAAHHHH! You should have at least made them shiny or something!"

I swear to you people that this is what he said to me, and in bold font with the capital 'WAHH', except in Chinese. I tell ya, this was a big day for him. Perhaps more for him than myself, since his long time worry for his daughter turning into an old maid was fading with every step he took with me towards his new 'tank-gaud-u-ah-hee-ah' son-in-law. I could hear him think out loud as we walked down that aisle...
"Hurry before he changes his mind!"(photo by my friend Rob)

"Com'on, stop dragging your @$$!"
"Almost there!"
"Ha ha sucker! She's your problem now!"
Actually I was having a grand ol' time walking down that aisle, though I wasn't focused on my groom (I know, I'm terrible). My attention was actually directed at all the people that came to celebrate with us, which made me so happy that I was strutting and moronically winking at the crowd like I was Sarah 'Maverick' Palin.

Finally here we are with our wedding party looking on...
(and the boys trying to catch the shade from the head of the person in front)
and check out the kids in both pics bored already...
Aiight, let's roll...
Images by Travis Hoehne except as denoted

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