We are the Champions, My Friends

My wife (hee-hee), Mrs. GT, asked me to fill in for her on this, the ‘We did it!’ post. I readily agreed (as I generally do to her requests) and now am finding it hard to put into words what I wanted to write. Forgive me as I have never blogged before and am having a hard time performing under the pressure of the Weddingbee audience. What I really want to say is that the wedding was amazing. Everyone says that it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. It was so much fun and a great experience for everyone there, which is what we were really striving to achieve. We wanted it to be a celebration, not just a day about us. While the Mrs. and I can find things that didn’t go exactly as planned, we really couldn’t be happier with the results. To give you an example, below is the best-man performing the double-fisted champagne-spray dance. Yes, he was drinking straight from that magnum bottle.
(Photo Courtesy of MOH)

There are so many details and so many different things that I would like to say about that night but the main thing that I remember is how I felt when I saw my bride when she first walked out. It might be a cliché but she really was the only person there at that time and I was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. She might tell you that I cried during the ceremony but I assure you that it was simply bright outside.

Like I said, it wasn’t perfect in that there were several things that didn’t go as planned. One of our vendors didn’t even show up (luckily it was a non-essential vendor but still…). Our programs made liars out of us due to the fact that another vendor didn’t provide the fireworks that were promised to us. These are the details that make for good wedding stories. People who paid attention to the programs noticed but there were so many other details that those flaws were quickly glossed over. The day was perfect in its imperfection. Fun was the word of the day. From the wedding high five (in place of the first kiss) to the ruined tuxedo- complements of a spectacular knee slide maneuver (on the dirt dance floor) performed by the best man. The atmosphere was charged with celebration.

Best of all, I am a married man now.


  1. Ohhhhh.... congratulations you guys!!! Perfect in it's imperfection indeed!!! Hooray!!!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! Now the hell of waiting for pro pics begins...