How to be a Rocking Bride

This past weekend the mister and I attended our first wedding as married guests in lovely Reno, NV. Here Mr.GT's 'little sis' will show you how to be a bride who ROCKS:

1) First, you gotta make all your brothers (pseudo and blood) look like wimps standing next to you at all times (Mr.GT on far left, BIL GT on far right):
2) Be walked down the aisle by not just one, but TWO handsome boys who love you to death:
3) Make it clear to the hubs early on who will be calling the shots in your marriage, in front of witnesses:
4) Take off from your wedding ceremony in the driver's seat:
5) Add your style of simple, fun, and colorful details to the event (who can not love the classic fall theme?):
6) Serve irresistable signature drinks like Chocolate Martini's and Chocolate Milk!

7) Include sweet touches such as a guest book with plenty of pictures of childhood and with friends (this pic shows brother-in-law-GT showing the bride some love as kiddies):
8) Recruit only adorable children to be in your wedding party. Make sure at least one ringbearer have hair that matches your wedding colors and assign him to flirt with all the lady guests:
9) Invite the coolest guests (1st pic is Mr.GT & I, 2nd pic of our groomsmaid with her playful hubs):
10) Pick a song to dedicate a dance with your brother that makes him cry uncontrollable tears for at least one whole minute:
11) Get yourself some priceless hilarious friends to give fabulous toasts in your honor that include embarassing childhood stories:
12) Start off karaoke right with 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' and the Rockband Mic Tap: 13) If step #12 is properly executed, it should lead to the following:
(Sweeeeet Caroline...)

(Ba, Ba, Ba!)

14) Of course, keep the wine flowing all night to keep up the high (illustrated by the tipsy Mr.GT here)!
Congratulations Heather and Chris! Thank you for letting us be part of this day that is truly as fun and charming as you, we love you!


  1. This looked like one of the coolest weddings I've ever seen in the blogosphere. Just so real and COOL!