Moon Planning by Mr.GT - The Backup Plan

Rolling the Dice

OK, so if you read my last post, you know that I planned for a cruise to the Bahamas… in Hurricane season. I knew there could be problems going into it so I did at least ask the advice of the unbiased operator at the cruise line. She assured me that if there was a hurricane, the ship could out-run the storm. While it was of some comfort that we wouldn’t be in harms way, the amount fun that we would have was now in question. I knew that I would never say, ‘Hurray for four days stuck on a ship!’ Being on the ship was already the least exciting prospect of the cruise so I needed another plan. What else is there to do in Florida?

My first thought was the everglades. I looked into it and found that while they are open 365 days a year, “During the slow wet season (summer), facilities may have restricted hours or close altogether, and recreational opportunities may be at a minimum.”* There was no way that I was going there to miss the best parts of the park.

I’m sure that there is stuff to see and do in Miami (where the cruise ship is docked) but it just didn’t seem grand enough for the honeymoon. As some of you who have been following my Mrs.’s blog may know that we had a long engagement. We felt that if we made it to and through the wedding, then we would have ‘won’. We would’ve beaten the stress and would’ve felt like ‘Champions’. Indeed, we felt that way so much that the song made famous by Queen was our reception entrance song. But I digress. Something worthy of Champions was needed for the GT’s honeymoon. Where do people go when they feel like they can’t top the experience that they just had? You might have guessed it… We’re going to Disneyworld! OK, so we already went to Disneyworld but I had to say it.

Disney was the guaranteed good time in case the cruise didn’t satisfy. Now all that I had to worry about was crowd levels. But that wouldn’t be too heavy on Labor Day weekend would it?


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