Ridding the Lump

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I don't know anyone else that share this sentiment, but one of the things I really looked forward to about being married was being able to pack that engagement ring away!

I have never been big on wearing jewelry, and had never dreamed about wedding rings of any kind. It was very weird to carry something so valuable on me all the time, and at the beginning it was honestly quite uncomfortable to have a thing sticking out at that odd (to me) spot on the finger! The mister offered that wearing it was not a requirement, but after leaving it at home for a couple weeks I realized that it made him quite happy to see the ring worn. So I wore it most of the time, and got mostly used to it. 22 months later though, whenever the sticky-outty part hits or snags anything, it still freaks me out a little.

Upon our return from the honeymoon, several people already asked where my e-ring went. Some folks have a hard time understanding why I wouldn't want to don it everywhere I go. While one of my bridesmaids is looking to get a second band to add to her current big rock e-ring plus blingy band combo, I'm totally digging the comfort of my simple little band. The e-ring is now safely tucked away at home, to be brought out only on special occasions. No more sticky-outty for me on da daily, whoopee! Ahh... the joys of marriage.

I'm glad the mister and I agree on that comfort comes first. Even though I would have been fine with not wearing anything at all, the symbol is important to him so this is how we compromised. But I do know many out there who would feel awkward not wearing their e-ring along with the wedding band. What do you plan on doing? Did you and your spouse agree on the ring wearing arrangement? Am I the only one out there getting odd looks for rocking only the band?


  1. My super-cool non-diamond engagement ring doesn't go with the new band. I'm rocking it on my right hand roughly every other day... I think my wedding band is so pretty, I like seeing it alone. Plus it's good to have more than one look ;)

  2. Love that someone else feels the way I do about the e-bling. It freaks me out too sometimes. I'm just not use to wearing rings or anything for that matter. Not sure if I'll keep the rock on once I have the band... at least our boys understand that comfort does come first =o)

  3. So one of my good friends has a engagment ring made as part of the "diamond project" by Tobias Wong, which this is also a part of (she has the hidden diamond ring), and she almost got this ring as her wedding ring, for the statement... but was worried about maming people/ didn't really like diamonds. But it's such a effective peice of conceptual art, no?

    Anyway, I'll keep wearing my engagment ring... it's why I got a small modest FLAT one (it catches on nothing). I'm getting two rings at the wedding - a simple small elegant eternity band (also antique and from the 1920's) that I'll rock on my right had, and get at the Ketubah signing, and then a very small simple thin and plain wedding ring (unadorned as per Jewish tradition) to go with my engagment ring. It's quirky and weird to do it that way, but I loved the rings, and they are nice and modest and don't get in the way.

    I like your approach too.

  4. I only have one ring--my engagement ring is my wedding ring as well--just a thin flat band with five tiny diamonds embedded in it, so I didn't have to decide whether or not to wear the e-ring.

    My beef with diamond rings is that I don't understand the need for a huge rock. But if a woman is going to ask their fiance for a big rock, she better wear it or else I feel like it's a waste of $$. But I know tradition calls for two rings. I see more people wearing both rings now, mostly because they like having the bling.