Moon Planning by Mr.GT - Rolling the Dice

Due to the enormous amount of energy that was being spent by my beautiful bride planning the wedding, the task of planning the honeymoon fell solely on me. I was given free rein to plan any trip that I wanted (within our budget of course). Now, some guys would love this opportunity to choose a honeymoon location. This groom knew better. You see, the GT’s don’t do anything half-hearted and I knew that this trip had to be great. What a responsibility! I kept asking her opinion on locations and all that I got in return was, ‘I trust you’. So, with the weight of her trust on my shoulders, I set out to find the perfect location. My job was made a little easier once I filled in some criteria. First it was process of elimination. My 1st choice was Tahiti.

Unfortunately, Tahiti was eliminated due to the high cost (even though I kept trying to figure out a way to make it work). We have wanted to go to Italy for a long time now so that was my number two option.

The only problem with that was planning. I knew that Mrs. GT would want to see everything there was to see in Italy and if we missed something due to my lack of planning… well, let’s just say that I didn’t want her to lose her trust in me so soon after just being married.

With ideal honeymoon location #1 and #2 out, I had to start over. What was it that I wanted us to get out of this? It had to be warm (Mrs. GT gets cold at 85 degrees). It had to be somewhere that had a lot of activities because we are not the kind of people to just lie around the beach. About this time was when I really started to get stressed about what we were going to do. All that I could think of was that I wanted to relax and I didn’t want to plan anymore. Where can one go to relax and not plan, but still see everything? That was when I decided on a cruise. Just the word cruise sounds relaxing. While the thought of being trapped on a boat didn’t exactly appeal to me, it did fit my criteria and it was the only thing that I could think of. I didn’t want the cruise to be too long so narrowing it down to where we were going was really easy. We were off to the Bahamas on a four day adventure!

All that I had to worry about was hurricanes… and that wouldn’t be a problem, right?

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