Small Gifts, Big Heart

I've already told you about the thoughtful wedding present from the hubs. Since he had to give it to me a week prior to the wedding so I can enjoy them before the honeymoon, I gave him one of his wedding presents at the same time in exchange:

We have a little tradition to get a Christmas ornament that marks each year. I love that this teapot ornament is shaped much like our monogram, a subtle way to pay our wedding year a little tribute, and that it's something we will keep and use for the years to come.

Our Monogram

The second part of his present is a calendar I made on Shutterfly with pictures of our years past and captions that are inside jokes of sorts.

I was suppose to have it delivered to him at the vineyard so our photog can capture his reaction on film. Well I totally forgot about it, but this turned out to be a fortunate event. I gave it to him myself on our wedding night, and I'm so glad that I got to see his reaction in person instead! While it is a simple gift, I knew he would appreciate how personal the gift was.

I must admit, I had my doubts (turns out, he did too) about not spending enough on the wedding gifts. Next to any fancy watches or custom cufflinks, a dinky ornament and paper calendar can surely pale in comparison. Why can't he be one of those guys who has drooled over some expensive timepiece forever?!

While we didn't mind spending a few extra bucks on the wedding presents, buying expensive gifts solely for the sake of the occasion simply isn't us. I'm really glad we discussed about wedding presents prior to the wedding, agreed to buy each other nothing unless it was meaningful, and that the cost of the items were irrelevant. Much like the wedding, the amount of money thrown at it doesn't determine the real value. :)

Are you exchanging wedding presents and where will you do it? What were your criteria and did you set a budget?


  1. I bet you're not surprised that I love this post! It makes me think that maybe I should make a photobook of pictures of us for part of the present that I've been meaning to make for years.

    I have no idea what he's thinking of (I'm sure nothing yet) or thinking of spending. I'm getting him a white tallis (prayer shawl) that he (and we) will wear on our wedding day. I found somewhere that it was a traditional Jewish wedding present, and I really liked the idea. It's symbolic, it will become a heirloom, and it's personal. It will cost me say... $100... which seems like a fine amount.

    Suffice to say, I like your approach. MUCH better then a iphone or a Rolex. My dad gave my mom a beautiful prayerbook. Simple, touching.



  2. I bought him a second-hand book for about £1. It has so much meaning.

    If I hadn't found the book, I probably wouldn't have got him anything. Our wedding rings are the gifts we exchange on our wedding day!

    I think it's cool if you find something appropriate but by no means necessary to buy your spouse a gift. Isn't there enough to think about and spend money on?! The days is your gift to each other.