Sentiments (or my lack there of)

A year ago today (I think it's today, maybe it's tomorrow...) I came home from work and these Casablanca Lilies, my favorite bloom, were waiting for me. Coincidently, there was a trail of ants in the kitchen, which I got right to cleaning up after.

He came home after work with a big smile: Hi babe!
Me: hey
Him: you like the flowers?
Me: yeah...
Him: what's wrong?
Me: well... I love the flowers. But next time if you leave food out and track ants, just clean it up. You don't have to get me flowers because of it.
Me: ehh... yeah... you didn't know?
Him: there were no ants when I left for work this morning
Me: oh... what are the flowers for then?

So that was for our date-a-versary last year. To my total surprise, a week before our wedding, I received this below (personalized with our names and wedding date) filled once again with my gorgeous lillies:Back when I was blogging anonymously, I posted an entry showing this vase which I thought would make a cute wish bowl. By the time I shared my blog with the mister, I had long forgotten about the post. My wedding present was this handmade crock with the commitment to an anniversary bouquet for each year to come.

I love that the hubs is so thoughtful, but truth be told, I am (as illustrated above) not big on celebrating anniversaries (or my own birthday for that matter). I don't need a special occasion to go out to a nice dinner or to get him a present, and find it much more convenient to do so whenever I please. Everyday is worth celebrating, don't you agree? In any event, I'm so glad that the date-a-versary is behind us!

I know people who note anniversaries of all kinds including their first date or first kiss, and some continue to celebrate their date-a-versary after marriage. How important are anniversaries to you and which ones are on your list to remember?

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  1. How funny!!! We used to celebrate the day we met each and every month - our Monthversary. It was our excuse to get a date night in and do something special if we were swamped during that time. It was fun - but that habit slowly dissolved during the wedding planning process. Ah well!

  2. Congrats to you too! Thanks so much! Did you see that post though? How we celebrated our "smoochaversary"? Is that a bit extreme? :)