For Better or for Worse?

This past weekend over dinner with BIL GT (aka our officiant), I confronted him about the biggest mistake he made at our wedding...

It turns out, on the day of our wedding, BIL won the Best Lead Actor award from the local theatre! He found out at the reception and did not tell us because he didn't want to 'take away' from our day. I gave him some playful guilt about how he should know us better than this, to which he responsed with "Well, my brother will only get married once, but I will receive plenty of awards." Touché, but oh how I wish we could have shared the happy news with everyone there and then!

When we were planning the wedding, I actually really wanted the day to be significant in multiple ways. Our initial wedding date (which changed later) fell on my cousin's birthday unintentionally but I was thrilled when I realized. I thought "ooo I can get her a giant cupcake birthday cake as a surprise!" I was even hoping someone would propose at our wedding (and yes I did have the nerve to ask around)!

I figured since there is food, music, alcohol, cake, and even a professional photographer(!), what better time than this to celebrate everything? To us, it would have definitely added to our special night. After all, the people there are those we love most!

But then when I stepped back to think about it, I probably would have done the same thing if I was in BIL GT's shoes. Furthermore, I'm starting to think that maybe others don't share my 'sharing enthusiasm' either! Maybe someone would prefer the sole limelight on their birthday, or perhaps rather their engagement not be overshadowed by anyone else' big event!

Do you think other celebratory events happening on the day of your wedding add to or take from your wedding? And would you mind sharing your own significant moments at someone else' wedding?

Oh and, congratulations BIL GT on your much deserved major award!

Image by Travis Hoehne


  1. My good friend (and one of my Bridesmaids) got engaged 2 weeks before my wedding. She called me and we played phone tag that entire 2 weeks (I was too busy to answer her calls, she never picked up when I returned her calls, she'd ask a question over VM, I'd reply via email...etc...we just missed each other, and she didn't want to tell me over VM). So I see her at the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and everything is great, and then the next morning, before she gets to my room, my other friends are talking about her engagement ring. Her what?!?! (obviously, i hadn't noticed) I actually told them they HAD to be wrong, b/c wouldn't she tell me? When I finally see her on my wedding day, she shyly apologizes for wearing the ring to the RD and says how she had wanted to not wear it that weekend, and wait to just tell me the day after the wedding so she didn't cause a "scene" or take away from my day(s). I thought that was so SILLY! I would have been happy to share the excitement with her anytime!

    That said, I just might've kept that, or something like it to myself too. So, yeah. I hear ya.

    BTW, she caught my bouquet in the toss - so that made me happy! :)

  2. Add! We have friends who's one year anniversary is on the day of our wedding, and we so hope they will come.

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