The Tea Party: Jello Dippin'

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Mr. & Mrs.!
I love this 3-photo series, captioned is our actual conversation at that moment:

"Yay! We did it!""Oh and hey..." "I saw you cryyyy!"
"I don't cry, I work out!"
And then it was time for the long walk on gravel with train, in heels, (not recommended) towards portraitville:
Our group pics are not exciting (we're not exactly, ehh, picture people). I'm sparing you all from the super boring group shots, but here is a quick glance:
I had really reeeaaallly looked forward to the vogue shot, unfortunately most of us are not vogue material. Red light should really have come on when MOH declared that we needed not to worry because her panties matched that day.
See what I mean? It doesn't get much more awkward than these two! Except maybe...... us! While others dip like smooth guacamole, I dip mo' like a bowl of jello. Have you tried dipping in a bowl of jello? 'nuf said. Witness the stiffness of FAIL Blog caliber.
The boys did a tad better with me out of the wayA side view of the inevitable 'lineup' family portraits.(Photo by my friend Rob)

Well, at least one of us knows how to strike a pose!
It's safe to say I prefer the candids. However, since group portraits are pretty much standard at weddings, what are your favorite ways to spice them up?

Images by Travis Hoehne except as denoted


  1. Love the group photo with the dip -- everyone seems to be having a great time, and from a distance, it's not "fail" by any stretch of the imagination! And your Mama is so pretty (assuming that's her one of the final group photos) -- love her gorgeous red dress.

  2. I can't get past how good you look in the dress you didn't love. Bet you wish I'd shut up about that.