Must They Jive?

For many of us, today is a big day tied with much emotions from all over the spectrum. In the GT household, one of us is celebrating in proud red and white stripes, while the other is humming a little bluesy tune.

Since neither of us enjoy political discussions, our differences in political views has not been too hard to deal with. We respect each others opinions and agree to disagree. In fact, often times it is tougher for me to deal with my own family or the in-laws as they can be more hardcore and outspoken about their position that are also opposite from mine (yes I am greatly outnumbered)!

Our differences and ability to be understanding surprise a lot of people. Some have pointed out that ones politics are often tied to the person's core values. Some of my frank co-workers even joke about how it's only a matter of time before this becomes a problem in our marriage (which da hubs and I find hilarious)!

So I'm wondering, is alignment of political beliefs a requirement in your significant other? Do you feel the lack of it can inhibit marital bliss?

Oh and, don't forget your FREE donut! Happy Inauguration Day!


  1. It's funny. I actually went out with a guy who agreed with me on everything and it drove me crazy, so it's totally not a requirement with me. Boy and I will playfully debate from time to time, but we generally agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  2. I think it's great if you and your husband can (and obviously will) make it work for you. But, with honesty I confess that I absolutely, positively could never make it work with someone whose views differed so greatly from mine they could have voted differently than me in this particular election. I do think I see/feel/believe in that tie between core values and politics, so that's definitely tough for me. I'm way too outspoken & hard-headed, admittedly.