The Tea Party: Da Posers

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After the obligatory group shots, it was time for the obligatory couple shots. This one is my favorite coz you can't make out my face:

You see, I HATE having my picture taken. I'd like to say I look awkward in pictures, but that's probably a lie. I'm pretty sure the awkwardness is around whether I'm in front or behind the camera, and the more I try not to be odd, the more it shows...

I much prefer pics of da hubs by himself or pics of stuff I made, coz I can still claim them as my own. Like 'that's my hubby' or 'here's that bouquet I threw together that morning':

Not looking at the camera helps, failing updo not so much...

That's right, just keep looking away...

He: Are we doing this right?
Me: I don't think so

Me: I hate taking pictures
He: I know, just think about the buffet we'll have when we're done

Me: Ooo I love boofays!

Showing off our matching 'Something Blue' Optimus Prime Tattoos in true dork fashion.

"Hello, would you be interested in a new magazine subscription?"
Wait, that's not a mic, it's just bad hair.

Despite all my peculiarity, this guy still showed up with a big smile on our wedding day. Ahhh, somehow this magically makes all the pictures okay. Well... that and the boofay.
Images by Travis Hoehne

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