The Tea Party: Ba! Ba! BAAA!!

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After our over dramatic lip-syncing introduction (note the standing ovation for our performance behind us here), we walked over to our sweetheart table to drop off my bouquet and headed right back out to the dance floor. Though of course, not before presenting the fountain like it's in The Price Is Right's showcase.

I love choreography, and had wanted to DIY that too. I dreamt of a first dance like this one:

Unfortunately da hubs' entire dance move repertoire comes from this scene of the infamous movie...:

** big fat fat fat sigh**

SO, compromise it was. We were definitely not doing that sway to a romantic ballad thing, so we just picked the closest upbeat tune there was to being our song (since we don't really have one) and ran with it:This is one of his favorite pics, he says coz it looks like I want him. Apparently I give the 'look of desire' when there is spinach stuck in my teeth.
We sung most of it. OOO! Here comes our favorite part...
"Reaching Out..."

"Touching me..."

"Touching youuuu!""Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Caroline!"
Crowd sang, some standing, and/or with fists pumping:
"Ba! Ba! BAAA!!" "Good times never seemed so good..."Crowd chanted: "So Good!""So Good!"Funny, goofy, short, and sweet. Our kind of perfection.Mmm... Bacon...

Anyone else wingin' their first dance?

Images by Travis Hoehne

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  1. awww, you gotta give the hubs a break though, footloose had some pretty tough dance moves (for the 80s)