Operation MOH-Jo Begins with a Chill Pill

My MOH-Ho is getting married!

At first I was like 'OO-Uh-Ah!' as my neck rolled. Chunky ovah here ain't worthy! (note: no one is). But as I watch the two of them sit there blissfully take my standard verbal assaults, I realized this dude actually meets the qualifications: 1) can take my shiz, and 2) makes her hella happy.

So once it sunk in that this is really happening, it was time to think about the wedding. Now we know all too well how once those wedding planning gears start turning, the momentum gains by the minute until it completely consumes our lives. The signs are all there that we're gonna lose MOH-Ho to the monster, but I'm taking a step back so I can keep us calm to carry on.

Since my own planning process was not an awesome experience, I plan on doing all I can to give her everything I wished I had. It's all part of my evil plot to live vicariously through her. An amazing shower, those heartfelt dress-shopping bonding moments, fun group crafting gatherings, the works. I'll also try to minimize the stressful research, make sure she feels supported, and hopefully even give an unforgettable toast. All this I want to accomplish without overwhelming her - which is a feat on its own!

There are endless things I want her to know, from the list of additional fees to look out for in vendor contracts to the list of wedding photographer blogs I want her to check out. But one of the first things I actually said to her about wedding planning was:
"While it's inevitable to get a little sucked in by all the 'stuff', remember throughout your planning process that it's about the celebration of love and your marriage. If you can really do that, it will take you a long way."
It takes a lot to keep myself from emailing her every hour with a cool wedding link or idea or suggestion, and even more to not tell her about my every mistake so she won't make the same ones. Though she'd eat it all up right now, I don't want it to become too much too quickly like it did for me. I'm trying to give her small chunks of feedback at a time, about tasks that she is immediately working on. And when her day dreaming gets outta hand, I'm there to remind her to get her shiz straight. She calls me her 'reality friend'.

So here's to a new wedding planning journey, may this one be fun-filled and stress-free! Cheers!

If you had to give a newbie bride-to-be one single piece of advice or share with her one wedding resource, what would it be?

P.S. In my attempt to find a super old skool photo of us to embarrass her, I realized that she has always been the cutesy charming one while I was busy looking like an awkward hooker (it WAS high school, after all). But since trips down memory lane are always priceless and vanity/shamefulness is slipping by the minute in my old age, I'll throw this one out there anyway (shout out to cocoa: I'll see your lampshade skirt and raise you green crushed velvet).
*Hands DIY vomit bag to East Side*


  1. Awwww... Your graduate line :) Wise words, you.

  2. You know me so well. I was just going to ask, did you say "fun group crafting gatherings" ??

  3. @ESB - oh hell yes! in my fantasy wedding planning world i'd have a dozen close girlfriends that i can 'totally' giggle with and a mother who would bake us cookies for our slumber parties while we put together my invitations.

    seriously, the wedding made me crave estrogen in a lot of ways. i bet you didn't know that the top 3 females most involved with my wedding planning includes my friend who emails me from seattle, you, and meg. clearly, i have much deeper issues than 'fun group crafting gatherings' ;)

  4. Oh man, I remember those good ol' days!

    I wanted the giggly girly gatherings, as well. My bridesmaids were either too far away or didn't seem to really care. *sigh* Makes me realize why I love watching "Sex and the City" and "Friends" so much--I guess we can't all have good friends just a quick drive (or apartment hallway) away. BTW, I sort of miss our lengthy detailed e-mails about all the wedding minutae, and I'm trying not to bombard my sister every hour with wedding stuff, too. :) I guess it's not for everyone. hehe...