Counting My Blessings

Recently there was a big relocation at my office. My new awesome commute now:

  • is octupled in time and distance
  • require a fill up every other day instead of every other week
  • keeps me on my toes about filling up since 2/3 of the travel distance include no gas station in sight
  • smells like cow manure half of the time
  • covers my beloved vehicle, Billy, in squashed bugs
  • automatically changes the hip hop radio station to country midway through the trip, which is almost okay because my commute also...
  • is deafening me with the harsh winds against Billy's soft top, therefore...
  • gives me a headache (physical, not just metaphorical) on a daily basis
  • is mostly a single lane highway so there is no avoiding trucks nearby that can do this:

It left shattered glass inside the cab, and I'm grateful that this didn't happen where the bursting glass could have cut my face or my eyes instead. At least I have a husband who cleaned up all the glass for me, and I'm not spending 3 1/2 hours on the road daily like someone else I work with!


  1. aw, sad times GT! stay safe on that road, ya hear?

  2. Yikes! Please stay safe!

  3. oh WOW, I'm glad you're OK even if your car isn't. :(

  4. Eek, what a pain! But the photo didn't load in my feed reader, so I'm actually happy to see the damage is so much less worse than I immediately feared..... (Silver lining?) Good luck with that nasty commute.