Tree of Love

I'm happy to announce the near completion of one of my favorite wedding projects - the Marriage Celebration Tree!

We requested (and sometimes begged) for wedding pictures from our married guest, along with their wedding date and a quote of their choice. Here is how we're displaying them (a few more are still in the works, and please excuse our messy garage!):
The cards are hung with mini clothespins tied to the trees with red strings. Here up front and center is a picture I adore of my FMIL and FFIL:
On the back of the picture there is the name of the couple, their wedding date, and their quote if they provided one:
As you can kinda see, some provided short and sweet notes, others gave us whole paragraphs!
For our parents and grandparents only, I want to add some kind of indicator sorta like this lil' hanging strip:Our idea is that our wedding is one shared with our guests. It is really important to us that it is a celebration of love and marriage, rather than just the joining of just us two. I hope this helps convey the message!

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  1. I love it! Great job...
    On an unrelated note, I'm jealous you have a ping-pong table in your garage! I was just telling Matt on the way to work that I want a ping-pong table. :) I grew up playing at home and at church a lot (and at Valley, too, during PE) so I miss that.