Fittin' the Gals

The whole BM dress situation was a huge headache I brought onto myself. Let's just say we were working with a long list of criteria and the perfect dress was impossible to find. The mister and I seriously considered just selecting a fabric so the girls can pick their own dresses, but since we're limited to choosing an online Chinese dress vendor (each girl live in a different city), we decided it would be easier for everyone to just pick out one dress. We settled for a black dress for $110, which has beautiful embroidery on it. The dress is well made, but the piping turned out FREAKING MAROON INSTEAD OF RED LIKE THE PICTURE! I was upset for awhile, but having each girl return it and repurchase seemed too much to ask, so we're living with it.

Here's the MOH modeling the whole 'fit':
I bought the pale gold shoes for each girl as a courtesy, and they are welcome to wear something else if they'd prefer. In lieu of bouquets, they will each be given one of these Chinese silk fans to hold (and use while standing there in the heat!). I made these earrings for them as well:
I aimed for everything to be re-wearable, and the MOH swears she'll wear them all again (and she has already worn the shoes to work). It's really hard to find a 'uniform' for 4 people of different size, shape, taste, personality, and flare! I probably fell short in making everyone 100% happy in this case, but I tried my best, and fortunately the girls seem to be supportive about the end result.

I must admit, I felt a bit like a Nazi requiring everyone to buy and wear a specific dress just because I'm getting married. I realize most people expect it when they agree to be a bridesmaid, but it doesn't make me feel much better. Most people I tell this to, including the wedding party themselves, just think I'm nuts.

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  1. I think the dress still looks great, even if it's not the exact color you expected. At least it's just the piping that is maroon and not the whole dress! I also wanted the girls to have dresses they could wear again--esp. since they were paying for them--but even when given the flexibility to choose their own dresses, most of them went to a bridal salon and chose out bridesmaid dresses. I think it was just easier for them that way, but I kept telling them to find something they'd wear again. But then again, I don't know if these girls would normally choose to wear pink or green.