Sparklers Celebration

I really wanted to incorporate sparklers into the wedding, but not for the typical exit routine since we want to stick around til the very end. So instead, we're setting a time and a song for a 'Sparklers Celebration' when guests will be encouraged to slow dance along side us with a sparkler in hand.

For display, we'll put them in a vase and it'll serve as a centerpiece for our escort card table:
We bought 96 of these 36" sparklers which last for 4 minutes so it'd be long enough for a song, and dang, they were enormous (well... 36")! I asked the mister to pose with it like it's a lightsaber, though he refuse now, I have a feeling a lit one will bring out a Jedi move or two on the day of.I hope it'll make some fun pictures. If nothing else, the kids (ok, and I) will have a blast with them!


  1. Those things are cool and also really scary. I forsee numerous sword fights.

  2. Wow, how cooL! I've never seen those. I can't wait to see pics of that!

  3. Wow those are HUGE. What an awesome idea!