Straightening Things Out

I bought the fabric steamer recommended by Mrs. Canary to take out the wrinkles on my dress. I purchased it from Amazon, and for whatever reason the item came without that important instructions pamphlet that was rated as a must read! Yesterday the MOH came over to help me 'wing it', and here are the results!

Unsteamed Dress
Half Steamed Dress
Steamed Dress!

I had lots of questions before deciding on the steam route (over the $75 alternative to get it professionally pressed), with worries that it would ruin it somehow. Since I'm not too attached to my dress, I took the risk, and I think it paid off! I saved a few bucks, and I have a steamer to use for steaming the veil and any last minute touch ups on the day of.

Special shout out to the MOH - I really couldn't have done this one without her, especially the product showcase pictures part.

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