Blister in the Sun

It's gonna be hot at our outdoor August wedding, no doubt about it. We usually deal any adverse situations with practicality and then sprinkle it with humor, and this one will be no exception. We'll make sure drinks are plenty cold by the time guests arrive, we're having Jamba Juice catered, and setting up market umbrellas to provide shade for dinner. Since there isn't much more we can do to keep things cool, we decided to make light of the hot mess by playing songs with heat/fire/sun references either pre-ceremony or during the cocktail hour. Finding songs is actually a rather tough task because we need the songs to be at least somewhat well known, upbeat, with a relatively positive message, and make pretty prominent reference to the hotness. We wonder how many people will get it, but much like table 9, it'll be worth the few chuckles regardless. Here's what we have so far (which I'm not yet satisfied with), and we'd love to hear your suggestions!


P.S. I dare you to listen through the entire first song while picturing yourself all dressed up at a wedding in the heat without cracking up. "People in the party - hot hot hot! How you feeling? Hot hot hot!" !

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