Showcase Showdown

So our teabag escort cards are all done, but now I gotta figure out how to showcase them!

The original plan was to display the escorts on the granite slab, with the teabags standing and lined up along the ribbon with labels identifying 'His Family', 'Her Family', and 'Like Family':

Unfortunately, practicality doesn't allow this for several reasons:
  1. Set up takes entirely too long since teabags aren't made to stand
  2. Spacing doesn't work out well with the size of our granite slab
  3. There are 2 people attending the wedding that we did not invite, one of them we have never met, so calling them 'Like Family' would discount the meaning
  4. Our wedding is outdoors, it will be windy
  5. They have a tendency to domino (this happened 3 times just during the photo-op!)
So instead, we tried just laying them all down, which is rather boring:
We considered doing the his/her/like family grouping this way as well but the numbers in each group doesn't work out to fit full rows, so the least confusing way would just be alphabetizing all of them.

And then I tried doing the grouping on charger plates:
Since I need at least 4 plates to hold all the teabags, I was thinking of adding a group called 'Friends & Guest'. But because we're having such an intimate wedding, most friends who are invited are like family to us so I'd hate to stick them in this category out of convenience.

What would you do?
  • Use the granite slab - forget the groups and alphabetize them all
  • Do 3 groups (his/her/like-familyx2) and don't think too much
  • Do 4 groups (his/her/like-family, and 'friends & guest'), people won't care if they end up on the last plate
  • Use the plates but with alphabetical groups instead (A-F, G-M... etc)
  • Something completely different coz these options suck


  1. Three groups! You are bound to hurt feelings with "friends and guests" I would feel a little shattered if that were me. Remember, people are sensative at wedding time! I like the plates though, pretty!

  2. ok, here's what i would do...first of all, just go alpabetical, no ones feelings will be hurt. then, rather than plates, i would find some sort of shallow tray, maybe a galvanized metal, or wood,(i'm new to this blog so i'm not sure what kind of look your going for)then use colored or plain sand, or beads, or nestle them in wheatgrass or moss. having somthing to kind of bury them in will help with the falling. as i'm rereading this it sounds kind of ghetto compared with what i'm imagining it as, so i hope you get the picture and at least experiment with the general idea..

  3. ok..i now totally know the look your goin for here.. get some of those big round black and red sushi trays. looks like you'll need 3-5. then at the pet store you can find superfine colored sand in the reptile area, i'd use black or grey, or you could try the craft store too. have fun!

  4. Pet stores also have beautifully colored aquarium stones.

  5. I like the idea of alphabetizing the names on plates because it will be easier to set up that way (as opposed to lining up so many of them in one large area).

    It's coming up fast!! :)